2018 Future of Work MeetUps


Artificial intelligence, the rise of gig economy platforms, and a new wave of automation will further change the future of work and the skill sets required to thrive in the workforce. How will employers be impacted? How can workers upskill to avoid becoming stranded? Understanding shifts in the future of work can help policymakers, employers, and workers move forward on strategies to ensure California’s economic resilience. 

There are 114 California community colleges building a strong workforce to fuel California’s regional economies and advance social mobility. Deeper employer engagement, broadened regional partnerships and innovative technology platforms that connect adult workers with upskilling options can grow the talent pipeline for California.

JOIN US for a regional Future of Work MeetUp to share your observations about the future of work, learn about model workforce development practices, and discuss strategies helpful to employers and workers.

Business & Industry leaders can learn model workforce development practices to ensure a quality, diverse and reliable talent pipeline for current and future needs.

Economic Development Professionals can tap into a fertile ecosystem of workforce and education partners and innovations to attract, grow and retain businesses area.

Community College Leaders can broaden their circle of partners who can inform and support student success outcomes and guided pathways strategies.

Workforce Development Boards & Community – Based Organizations will learn how to further social mobility by leveraging community college Strong Workforce Program investments and other workforce innovations.

Policy and Civic Leaders can engage with business, education and community leaders to create meaningful work-based learning opportunities and jobs for Californians.


  • Signals on the Future of Work
  • Implications for Employers and Workers
  • Regional Industry-Education Partnerships in Workforce Innovations
  • Overcoming Worker Barriers to Upskilling
  • Live Polling: Growing Regional Ecosystems – Input on Priorities & Actions



Economist Andrew McAfee speaks about the future of jobs


California Community Colleges Executive Vice Chancellor for Workforce & Digital Futures speaks about “stranded workers”